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Baishanzu Forest Dynamics Plot

Date: 2018-03-20   Author:  views: 112

Baishanzu(BSZ) Forest Dynamics Plot is located in the north slope of Baishanzu peak in Baishanzu Nature Reserve, Qingyuan county, eastern China. With the cooperation of East China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhejiang University, Lishui University and The BSZ Nature Reserve Management Department, this plot was established in 2014 and completed the first vegetation survey in 2016.

The plot, with a projected area of 25 ha,was divided into 625 plots with projection areas of 20 m * 20 m referencing to CTFS forest monitoring technology. Vegetation in the plot is subtropical evergreen broad leaved forest in middle mountains. Species, DBH and coordinate of all woody plants whose DBH are over 0.8cm was accurately measured and listed. Plot elevation varies from the lowest altitude 1406.8 m to the highest altitude 1646.4 m. This area is characterized by a mid-subtropical monsoon climate. The rainfall is concentrated in April – May.According to the results of the first vegetation survey, there are 229378 individuals belonging to 50 families, 106 genera and 194 species.